Glory to God, Dear Children of God. By the Pure grace of the Sovereign Almighty, I his humble servant was able to deliver Gods Message among many ministers of God n Prophets etc. I thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart, whosoever prayed for me. We experienced the mighty annointing of God in tat meeting. Some saw the Lion of Judah, seraphins, Jesus and many visions when the Mighty prophets prayed for everyone. Atlast some prayed from me. And I was given offering fa givin message. 1st time in my life i preached among ministerz and 1st time I got offering. Am nt worthy fa diz, but my God has blessed me lyk tis. Tnx to daddy Jesus who picked me up from d dust and is using me as his Ambassador. Our awesome Glorious God is alive, he is the same yesturday, today and forever. Lets Relay upon him and he shall do great things in our lives. Amen


Fr.S.J.Berchmans was born in a village called Soosaipatti(Madurai,Tamilnadu,South India) on 3rd August 1949.

His parents are agricultural farmers.They're devoted catholics.They are so eager that they attend the morning and evening services in the village chapel daily, without fail.

Fr.S.J.Berchmans have 3 Brothers and 2 Sisters. All of them are saved. Father is the fifth child for his parents.

Fr.S.J.Berchmans studied in St.Mary's High School. Upon completion of his secondary education, He went to the Catholic Bible College to pursue his studies to become a full-fledged Catholic Priest.

His parents were the source of his strength and encouragement. However, His aunt who was serving as a Catholic Nun was the other driving force behind his pursuit.

Fr.S.J.Berchmans was ordained as Priest in 1974,He had the salvation experience only in 1983. He was deeply involved in the Charismatic movement. Finally he found his maker, as he sought Him diligently in 1983.When he was participated in Bro.DGS. Dhinakaran's Power Ministry he baptized in the HOLY GHOST.

As a youth, He sang in the Church choir. Already he had foundational training and knowledge in Carnatic and Western music.

He started composing songs based on scriptures inspired by GOD upon his heart. GOD gave the tunes and the lyrics for the songs.

In 1990, his audio cassettes, music programs and crusades Fr.S.J.Berchmans became famous across the country and the tranformation to the next level of operation became too essential.

Through Fr.S.J.Berchmans, God was enlarging the ways to transform His people through whom He wanted to act. As a clear sign, the villagers of the Kalayarkoil area in Madurai.

Peoples are convinced by his good intention and donated 5 Acres of land in Kalayarkoil for the ministries of Fr.S.J.Berchmans.

Here he comes to an open platform fulfilling his dream for a garden of prayer "Jebathottam".I believe that the Prayer at “PRAYER GARDEN” is the key behind this success.

People who attend his meetings increased from hundreds to thousands and from thousands to ten thousands and there was an group of miracles after miracles

How do Father compose songs?
Mostly he used to compose songs during his morning worship hours. Sometimes, LORD strangely leads him to sing a new songs to minister to the people during his preaching.

Fr.S.J.Berchmans knows to play keyboard.

Fr.S.J.Berchmans touches the heart of billions by his audio-video ministry in seven languages and in more than 32 volumes. It goes on.. the Ministry grows, people comes to the Lord. God's name is glorified.

He composed more than 370 songs and 32 volumes.

Father released his songs in English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Sinhali etc.

His abroad ministries:
Fr.S.J.Berchmans ministered in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Gulf Countries and European Nations such as France, England, Germany and Netherlands.

Now he lives in “Jebathottam”,Kalayarkoil,Sivagangai dist,
Pin code: 630551,Tamilnadu,South India.

Contact details : Phone: + 91 (0)4575-232566, 232266 ,
Email :